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Blog Challenge Day 5

10 Songs I love right now…..

1. Heart of the Matter~Don Henley
2. Try~ Pink
3. Dark Side~Kelly Clarkson
4. Austin~Blake Shelton
5. Feel This Moment~Christina Aquilara/PitBull
6. Mirrors~Justin Timberlake
7. This Girl is on Fire~Alicia Keyes
8. Out of Goodbyes~Maroon 5/Lady Antebellum
9. Catch my Breath~Kelly Clarkson
10. Summer of 69~Bryan Adams

Blog Challenge-Day 4

The question is…What are you afraid of? 

I’ve been putting this one off because I don’t deal well with fear.  I wasn’t sure if I should share a physical fear (i.e. snakes, rats, mice) or if I should share an emotional fear.  I was tempted to cop out and just say that I’m afraid of anything scary and squirmy and leave it at that.  But I thought it would minimize the whole point of what this challenge is all about.


I’ve been afraid of many things in my life, and I don’t know that I can honestly share them all.  One of my favorite lines in a song is “Have you ever looked fear in the face and said ‘I just don’t care’?”  I’ve faced a lot of my fears.  And then there are some that I know I will never face.  I will never jump out of an airplane.  I will never volunteer to lie in a plastic coffin and let someone pour scorpions and snakes all over me.  I will never eat a live insect or bite the head off of a mouse.

What I fear the most is….

being Lost.

Mentally, emotionally, creatively, morally.  And yet, it is something that we can’t often control. Sometimes someone loses it for you without your knowledge or  permission. And sometimes you just lose it for yourself without even realizing it until it’s gone.  I’ve had a lot of loss in my life, and the thing I fear the most is what I sometimes can’t control. 

I know that people will hurt me and I know that I will sometimes do things to hurt myself.  There have been moments when I don’t even recognize myself anymore and I have lost that important sense of who I am.  And that terrifies me in the sense of being someone’s most important person, whether it is as a mother, wife, friend, daughter.  I’ve lost myself so many times that I know how difficult it is to find your way again. 

I think you have to sink to the depths to know true fear.  And once you have it you have to make sure that it doesn’t cripple you, which can be a feat in and of itself.  But fear can’t be a factor in living life, especially a life worth living.

So I fight my demons every day and try to look fear in the face and say “I just don’t care.”

31 day blog-day 3

The day three challenge is to list my favorite quote. The problem is, that I don’t have a favorite. I have many favorites, a lot of them being Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes. I tend to use quotes a lot on my Facebook pages because I often think that some of the best things have already been said. So here are a few of my faves:

“Always do what you are afraid to do”~RWE❤

“Write in on your heart that every day is the best day of the year”~RWE❤

“Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary”~Oscar Wilde❤

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind”~Dr Seuss❤

31 Day Blog Challenge-Day 2

Blog challengeI saw this Blog Challenge yesterday and toyed with doing it. It looks like a big commitment and some of the items are things that seem a little TMI for me to share. But the purpose of blogging for me, is to challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone and to write more often and sharpen my skills. I figured this was a good way to do it so I am going to jump in.
To avoid being redundant, I’m starting with Day 2. I’m going to count my original post and picture for my blog as Day 1.
20 things about me:
1. I love to read (I know, obvious!).
2. I’ve only had two adult jobs in my life. The most recent one for almost 14 years.
3. My favorite author is John Steinbeck. I love his writing style and how he tells such a colorful story.
4. I’m a dog person.
5. I’m short.
6. Music is therapy for me, but I don’t often know artist’s names, even for songs that would seem obvious.
7. I didn’t know how to love deeply until I had my sons.
8. I love to sing loudly in my car like nobody is watching.
9. I don’t have a favorite color, but I don’t like the color peach.
10. I don’t have a favorite food. I like mostly everything.
11. I write to cleanse.
12. I think different accents are beautiful and I love listening to them.
13. I’ve only ever had three cars in my life.
14. I wish I was three inches taller.
15. I used to write poetry but haven’t written a poem in a long time.
16. I love country music because of the stories the songs tell.
17. I wish I was funnier.
18. This is a more difficult exercise that I thought it would be.
19. I’m working on my second book, but haven’t had as much time to work on it as I would like.
20. I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read all 20 things about me. Now you know a little more about me 🙂

Chapter 262: 31 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 14

I love this idea about the 31 Day blogging challenge. I think I”m going to do it. I don’t know that I can do 31 days in a row, but I love the challenge so I will do my best. I believe that I already did step one in my original post and the picture is fairly recent, but I will post a more recent one just for fun. I think I am going to skip to day 2 🙂 Thank you Samantha for sharing this!!

When Life Hands You Lemons...

Happy Friday!

Today is Day 14 of the 31-Day Blogging Challenge, which means I’ve hit the 2-week mark! I’m pretty excited about this, because I’m about halfway finished with the whole challenge! 


So, today’s challenge is…”If You Won The Lottery”. 

This is actually an interesting question, because my family and I discuss what we would do if we won!

If I won a major amount of money…

I’d probably first pay off my college tuition/loans, because that would relieve my parents of having to pay for it

Fix up my car (I had a minor accident a few weeks ago, which resulted in it needed to be fixed) OR lease/buy a new car (nothing too crazy!)

Buy a new iPod/vinyls

Give money to family/friends (depending on the amount)

Buy a ton of chocolate/other candy

Give some to charities

Pay off my parent’s mortgage/other expenses

Buy a ticket to either California/London/anywhere


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Love Reviews

I am so happy right now.

I woke up and looked at my Amazon page to find another review! It’s like riding a roller coaster in 1.2 seconds anytime I see that I have a new review. I’m excited, I’m terrified, I’m excited, I’m terrified, then I’m exhilarated. The reviews don’t have to be perfect, they don’t have to say only good things. I’m just thrilled to get one.

Now-I say this, but I’ve only had 13 so far and none of them have ripped me…yet. 😄 So when that happens, I’ll post again and we will see if I’m quite as chipper about it.

I know that my writing style is a little different, so I’m really happy that people seem to appreciate that. I like to tell a big story because its just how I see life. Everybody’s life hinges on the lives and choices of those around them, so that’s what I try to convey.

I love stories that are multilayered, and I’m so happy that its been recognized and appreciated in my own writing.

Thank you To Candy Beauchamp for your wonderful, honest review! I’m so happy I could burst! 😃