I love this Rose bush for so many reasons.

It’s set at the edge of my driveway and there’s a story behind it. A few years ago, I didn’t like where it was planted. I thought it was awkward and out of place so I decided to transplant it to a different section of the yard. I dug it up and moved it to where I thought it would look best.

The next spring, much to my chagrin, it sprouted back up in its original spot. The rose bush was coming up nicely in the area that I moved it to and I couldn’t figure out how it managed to grow back in its original spot, after I dug it up, roots and all.

I decided to leave it and see what happened. The first summer it grew up some, still gangly and out of place. Every time I left the driveway, I shook my head in annoyance that it was still where I didn’t want it to be.

But last summer it really took off and started to become something bigger than I ever imagined. And now, it’s a huge beautiful bush.

I’m amazed every time I look at it, at its resilience. When I reflect on its growth, I think of how my life has somehow rendered the same amount of strength and resilience.

I’ve also been uprooted many times, but somehow I’ve managed to stay rooted to the original place I started from. I don’t know how, but it’s happened.

I wrote about it in my book, reflecting the strength of human nature through my characters, Brynn, Rose, Adam. And I’m amazed at how human nature, nature in general, can somehow demonstrate such growth and beauty after being completely upended. Yet somehow we just journey through and manage to become more amazing and more resilient than we ever thought possible.

Whether its a cancer diagnosis, marriage difficulties, loss of loved ones, or difficult beginnings. We somehow find ourselves growing through even the most adverse conditions. It’s a lot to envision from a simple Rose bush, yet every time I look at it, I think of where I’ve begun and where I am now.

The Roses continue to grow and the bush gets bigger and more beautiful every day. There are hundreds of buds on it now, and I am happy every time I look at it. I think that we are the same and that over time, we grow and become more beautiful, more amazing, more than we ever imagine in spite of ourselves and our conditions.

I can’t wait to see how beautiful it will be in a few more years. And I I ever move, I’m taking it with me, uprooting it again. Hopefully it will grow back for whoever lives here after me, demonstrating its beauty and resilience once again.


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