Blog Challenge Day 8

The question for today is:  What’s in your Handbag?

The question that I have is “Which Handbag?”  I currently have about 3 of them.  So here is a list of everything that I carry:

1.  About 8 different lipsticks

2.  3 or 4 tubes of Burts Bees

3.  change ( a lot of it)

4.  Ibuprofen

5.  Gum

6.  Altoids

7.  Listerine Spray

8.  Listerine travel size (can we say obsessed?)

9.  Vitamins

10.  Pens

11.  Cell phone

12.  Cell phone charger

13.  Bills

14.  Highlighter

15.  Sharpie

16.  Hand lotion

17.  Makeup bag

18.  Hairspray

19.  Bobby pins

20.  Bandaids

21.  Granola bar

22.  PeptoBismol tablets

Ummmmm….I think that is about it.  As you can see I have a lip obsession and a breath obsession.  And I like to be prepared…just in case 🙂


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