Blog Challenge Day 11

Today’s challenge:  List 15 of your favorite things

1.  My family-ALL of my family, even the crazy lovable one and the four legged ones

2.  Singing in the car like nobody is watching.  I love music~It’s Therapy. And I get to pretend like I’m a Rock star.

3.  Writing (I know, obvious :P)

4.  Watching Baseball (watching my kids play and watching professional)

5.  Conversations with my children.  They are funny, entertaining, and interesting.

6.  Ice cream.  I Love Ice cream!

7.  My husband’s voice.  I love listening to him talk, laugh, teach the kids.  It was one of the first things that attracted me to him.

8.  Learning new things.  It’s exhilirating!

9.  Meeting new people; making new connections

10.  How I feel after I work out~Healthy, happy, accomplished.

11.  Genuinely happy people.  They spread their joy to others~it’s a beautiful thing.

12.  Generosity.  When people are generous of their time, their resources, themselves. 

13.  Chick Flicks.  There is nothing like a good chick flick:  Crazy Stupid Love, Friends with Benefits, Steel Magnolias, the Notebook…I could go on and on.

14.  Having nothing to do.  I love having nothing to do.  It’s so rare, but when it happens it makes me so happy.

15.  Dogs.  They love you unconditionally even if they just met you.  I love their sweet, forgiving, “give everything” nature.  I wish people were more like them. 

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