Blog Challenge Day 13-What is your earliest memory?

This was a difficult one for me. I don’t remember much of my childhood and I don’t always remember details from being an adult. I think that’s why I’ve always valued writing because once written down, memories are recorded forever. I journaled a lot in high school for that very reason (as well as to soothe my teenage angst).

So my memory stinks.

My earliest memory is actually of preschool. There was a kitchen area and a workshop area and I remember always needing to change my clothes because I got soaked washing dishes in the kitchen area. Not much has changed, I’m still pretty sloppy when it comes to household chores. 😛 But that is the earliest memory that I carry with me.

I have to assume that not remembering much from my childhood is good. I was abandoned as a toddler and at some point before I was adopted my arm was broken badly enough to need surgery. I don’t remember any of it, and I’m glad. Oddly, I never really thought much about it until I had children of my own. When my youngest was about 2, I remember watching him while he was sleeping and coming to the realization that I was his age when I was abandoned. As a parent, I couldn’t imagine it.

And I’m glad that I don’t remember it.

So I’ll take the memory of preschool, happy that I don’t remember anything before. I’d rather keep that little messy sweet girl untainted by any of the sadness she may have experienced before her make-believe kitchen came along.

2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Day 13-What is your earliest memory?

  1. I actually have a memory from age 2 1/2. My mom was pregnant with my brother and wanted to wean me from drinking bottles. My dad and Uncle Earl took me to the Living Nativity crèche in our town to feed my bottle to the “lambie.” I remember the stable, the swarthy face of the “shepherd,” the coarse feel of the lamb’s wool, and how it sucked on the bottle. Years later, Mom told me Uncle Earl had hid a bottle in the car just in case I threw a fit on the way home, but I didn’t. That was it for the bottle.


    • That’s an awesome memory! I don’t’ remember in such vivid detail. I wish that I did! It’s amazing that you can remember at 2 1/2. (What a good Uncle 🙂 ) Thank you for sharing D.L.!!!!!!!


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