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Blog challenge Day 7

My pet hates….

When I’m gone. 

I have two dogs.  They are both in love with me.  My older dog loves me because she’s been with me since she was a puppy.  My little dog loves me because I rescued him at either age 3 or 4, I’m not exactly sure how old he is, but he was old enough to know that he wasn’t a puppy anymore. 

But they are both in love me and they follow me around like I’m their Queen, which cracks us up.   So they hate when I’m gone.  They hate when I leave them alone.  When I come home, they wag their tails and are so happy to see me.  And I’m happy to see them too.  After all, how can you be uhappy when  you have two little creatures who love you unconditionally? 

Blog Challenge Day 6

My Five Senses:

Hear:  LIstening to my oldest child hum, my husband sing, and my youngest child’s demanding something that he wants “right now!”

Touch:  My computer keyboard as, the new soft carpet on my legs, my dog as he sticks his cold nose on my arm demanding to be pet

Sight:  The television, the beautiful planters hanging outside the walkout, and my family hanging out as I type

Smell:  I got nothing.  I can’t smell anything….ever.

Taste:  The sweet white wine that I’m drinking and the leftover taste of the fettucine alfredo I made for dinner.