Blog Challenge Day 17-What is your most Proud Moment?

I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of one significant moment where I felt the Most Proud.

It’s difficult to pin point just one. Most of them involve my children, some of them are career related, and some are related to my writing. A lot of these are big, loud, obvious moments when you get to stand up and cheer.

But there was a moment yesterday that was so small, so insignificant, yet so precious. I was standing in a line with my two boys, and I looked down to find that the oldest was bent over tying the shoes of the youngest. The youngest didn’t even ask him to tie his shoes and neither did I. He just looked down and noticed that his little brother’s shoes were untied and that he needed to be taken care of.

To anyone else, it would’ve looked like a normal every day act. To me, it was the culmination of all of those moments when I heard myself say “You’re the oldest, you should always look out for your brother.” And in one innnocent simple act, he let me know that he’s been listening all of his life. I was so proud of him for listening, but mostly I was proud of him because it gave me a glimpse of the person that he is, and who he is going to be. He is a kind, sweet, strong boy who is generous and loving, and I am so proud to be his mother.

I love that I have taught him that, and I tell his sweet brother how lucky he is to have such a wonderful big brother! When I went to check on them before I went to sleep last night I found them lying next to each other in the top bunk.

My oldest’s explanation was that “I got scared” so the youngest climbed up and slept with him. I love that they are growing up, looking out for and taking care of one another and hope it will always be this way.

So far, these are my proudest moments. These boys who I love so much, loving each other.


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