Blog Challenge-Day 22 The best thing to happen to me this year

I’m on a mission to appreciate my life. By nature, I’m not the most appreciative person. I don’t know if many of us are. But I think that I have forgotten the most important lesson in life, the one that we learn at a very young age. To share.

There have been a lot of great things that have happened to me this year…
The obvious choice may be that I got to self publish my first novel, knocking a HUGE item off of my bucket list.

But really the best thing has been that I’ve rediscovered myself and reconnected with a lot of wonderful people as a result of my writing. I don’t think that it’s the writing that has been the reason. But the writing seems to encourage curiosity and sharing, for myself and for others. I used to be a pretty open person, but as I’ve gotten older life has beat me up just like it does to many. So I’ve closed up, closed down, and forgotten what it’s like to share. I forgot how to experience the joy of meeting new people and opening up my world, sharing my writing, my thoughts, and ideas with others.

I love writing. I always have. To be able to do it, and share it now is an amazing, wonderful thing. ❤

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