Blog Challenge-Day 24 My Favorite Childhood Book

My Favorite Childhood Book… Was a huge hardcover book of fairy tales. It had a countless number of fairtytales in it with beautiful illustrations that captured my imagination.

I remember reading that book repeatedly, savoring every story. The story that sticks out in my mind the most is “the Little Match Girl”, about a poor little girl who only had matches to sell for food and shelter. In the end, the little girl freezes to death in the brutal winter snow. But before she goes, she lights her last match to see her Mother; at least that is how I’ve always remembered it. I’ve always been drawn to sad stories.

I’ve tried to find that book over the years, but like many things that disappear from your childhood, it’s gone. But the stories remain with me. There were so many beautiful stories of love, loss, and hope that enthralled me and inspired me, even as a child.

I love all types of stories and the wonderful, vivid imaginations of those who create them! I realize now that I’ve always sought them out and found shelter in them. I’m unbelievably happy to have rediscovered my love for a beautiful story. And I’m thankful for those who share them every day!

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