Losing Eva-Excerpt

I just sent the copy of my second book, Losing Eva, out for review. Literally. I just hit “send” one minute ago. It’s been so much fun to tap into and release my inner creativity through writing. I’ve been truly amazed by the amount of support I’ve received from friends and family and overwhelmed by all of the new friends that I’ve been able to make.

I’m excited, nervous, EXCITED! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I thought since I was so excited that I would share an excerpt. I hope you enjoy it and are looking forward to Losing Eva’s release on October 29th, as much as I am. 🙂

Adam and Brynn’s journey continues…

“I’m never leaving you again Brynn,” Adam would say to her repeatedly. “I’ll never hurt you again.”
“I want to believe you, Adam.” Brynn was stubborn and her heart had a hard time letting go of the fear. “I want to, but I just don’t.” Adam would try to hold her, and Brynn would stiffen up, pushing him away with her fear.
“Stop pushing me away. You don’t have to push me away anymore.” Adam won out, and he held her close, feeling her heart beating in her chest from the anxiety. “I’ll never abandon you.”
Brynn always felt herself give into the deep, low tone of his voice that she loved so much. She allowed herself to be enveloped in his strong, sturdy arms, but a tiny part of her still wanted to shrink away. She wondered if she would ever stop fighting the happiness he gave her.
She had experienced so much loss in life that she had come to expect it. First, her birth parents abandoning her. Then Stacy, her childhood friend who had been killed by her husband’s lover. Then Rose. And now Adam. Brynn finally decided that she would give herself permission to accept Adam’s love, no matter how long she was able to have it.
When she gave in, there was finally peace.
And now they were having a baby together. Brynn was 5 months along, and her belly was nice and round. When Brynn looked at her belly, naked in the mirror, she saw the scars from years of cutting stretched out wide. Some were still painfully visible while others were beginning to fade, but they all still served as a horrific reminder of her painful childhood. The first time she went to have her ultrasound done, Brynn was embarrassed. The technician didn’t even blink twice, and proceeded with ‘business as usual.’ Brynn was grateful.
She knew that she needed to accept the pain from her past and move on in order to be a good mother.

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