Blog Day 30-What’s in my makeup bag?

I posted on my Facebook page recently that I found 9 or 10 lipsticks in my purse.  Right after that, feeling like a hoarder, I took all out but two. Then I didn’t have the color I needed when I needed it!  Sheeeeesh!  I realized then that there is a reason women carry various shades of pink lipstick! You never know which one you will need, or when.

My makeup bag on the other hand, the one I carry in my purse, has waaaaay less inventory than ten lipsticks.  It has a Revlon rewind concealer, one eyeliner, and one eyebrow pencil, one eyeshadow, one cheekers blush, one blush brush, and three or four lipsticks (I just can’t help myself!).  
For regular life, it takes me about seven minutes to do my makeup. For night life, it takes me ten.  I don’t carry the eyelash curler or the mascara, or the tweezers, or the many containers of eyeshadow with me typically.  I just carry the necessities in my makeup bag.

Even the two makeup bags at home is pretty basic, unlike my friend who still has the caboodles from the 80s that she keeps her makeup in :D.

Now nail polish on the other hand……..

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