The Most Interesting People I Know…

I’ve met a lot of interesting people in my life. Heroes, criminals, writers, college dropouts, and self-made millionaires. But by far, the most interesting people I know actually live in my house, and are under the age of ten.

I was adopted, so for all of my life, there was nobody that looked like me, sounded like me, or resembled me in any way. That is… until my two precocious little boys came a long. Suddenly, I was surrounded by two little people who mirrored my husband and I, both in appearance, personality, and behavior. It was uncanny and miraculous, and I was instantly in love.

What has truly been amazing about this journey of motherhood, has been how interesting I find them. Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist or a child psychologist stalking my little experiments, watching them change and grow. Seeing them develop from tiny dependent babies to funny and intelligent little boys has been all-consuming, so much more than I ever imagined.

My oldest son, Jack, is like my husband in many ways. And because I understand him, my depth of understanding has also grown for my husband. The “baby”, Charlie, is most like me so I understand how infuriating my stubbornness can be. The beautiful pattern of our family is woven by common threads, as well our own dynamic personalities. I am often mesmerized by how truly amazing it all is.

I could listen to my children talk all day. And right now, they love to talk to me. They can’t wait to share things and tell me what is on their minds. They share every idea, hope and thought with me and I can’t get enough of it! I truly love watching their minds work, thoughts formulate, and theories about life develop.

I love how much they rely on my husband and I to help create their core beliefs. But it’s always fun to watch how they take what they’ve learned and run with it. Whether it’s the answers to the big questions or the little ones, it feels like a privilege to witness them evolve and grow.

Jack recently realized that he has the ability to “choose” the big things in his life. Up until then, he believed that his course was set by us. It never occurred to him that he could do something different than what his Dad and I decided. This revelation that he could actually decide, didn’t change much for him. But his mind opened up just a little bit more on that day. With his newfound epiphany he edged slightly away from my little boy, to a wiser one.

I read somewhere that if you listen to your children when they are small, they will come to you when they are bigger. I’ve become a better listener, and what I’ve found is that I’m actually very interested. Whether it is their plan for their world in Minecraft, or what they are doing in school, or which wrestler is making his return debut-I hang onto their every word. And I listen. Always.

They are so interesting. Their passion, reflection, thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. They are a gift wrapped up in a beautiful little package borne of innocence, goodness, and discovery. All of which are gone way too quickly. I don’t remember thinking and imagining so sweetly. Those days are long gone for me, but when I see them in my children I find so much joy and happiness.

Charlie still believes in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy, even though Jack has spilled the beans on countless occasions. But Jack still thinks that his dad and I are the best people in the world, and they both still love to cuddle with us every chance they get.

I am anxious to see what they will become. I can’t wait to watch and listen to them grow, though I am not in a hurry for them to do so. And I can’t believe that I made such beautiful children and that they can mesmerize me so completely.

I hope that as a mother, this complete interest in them early in their lives will open the door to more important moments when they are older. The conversations that will be needed when they are struggling with life and with themselves.

I don’t see myself ever losing interest in them, but I’m a realist and I know that there will be times-maybe even years when it will have to be from afar. But I hope they will always know that they will remain the most interesting people in my life.

And I hope against hope, that they will feel just a smidgen of that for me. ❤

2 thoughts on “The Most Interesting People I Know…

  1. So…your books are very good but I adore your blog. It gives me a glimpse into your life and provides a kinship of family and as the mother of two wonderful sons, a parallel that is undeniable. I see my grown sons in your words as you describe the two amazing children you have been blessed to raise. They too were kind, loving and giving; willing to share their lives, thoughts and hopes. These qualities were nurtured in my sons and to this day we maintain the same closeness and I am left wondering what I did to deserve these two beautiful, smart, loving and kind creatures. Foster these young people (as you are) and the rewards will be limitless. How wonderful to find your family after all these years. As mentioned, I love the blog…it’s honest, raw and real. It makes me remember every time I read it what a wonderful, smart, tough, loving, nurturing person you are. Enjoy those boys…they will grow and begin their own lives but they’ll always know who has their back, will listen to them, be honest and always, always love them.

    Love you….LD…


    • Thank You so much, LD!❤️

      I think of you and your boys often, in raising mine. I hope so much for the same closeness that you share, as I watch yours grow into such fine young men. I am in awe of your honest, open dialogue with them as you clearly love them yet hold them accountable to be the very best they can be.

      I hope that I will be the same loving, giving, mother. I hope to give my boys both the confidence and strength they need to navigate through life, as you’ve given yours. The respect and adoration they hold for you is clear, as you’ve mothered them with kindness, love, honesty, and laughter.

      Thank you for being such a beautiful and wonderful example of motherhood, to me. And for giving me hope and vision for what my relationship with them can be when we’ve all grown older.

      Love you!❤️


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