30 Day Writing Challenge-My Zodiac Sign

What’s your sign, baby?

I’m a Pisces

At least, I think I’m a Pisces, which is what I’ve gone with my entire life. But since I was abandoned I have no idea what the actual day of my birth is. Since Pisces are born between February 19th and March 20th, it’s possible that I may have been born before or after. 

The sign of the fish does seem to describe me in many ways, so maybe the person who chose my birthday did get it right!

My head was reeling at all of the information out there about Pisces. 

Silly me, I thought being a Pisces was simply about being a sensitive and compassionate person, but it’s much more complicated than that. Astrology is all about how planets line up and to what degree, mythology, stars etc. but for this post’s purposes,  we’ll stick with the basics. It is Monday morning after all.



Likes & Dislikes-Definitely

Mostly, the sign fits, though it doesn’t often cross my mind that I’m who I am because I’m a Pisces. I’m probably more Pisces than  anything else so I guess I’ll keep it. 

What sign are you?

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