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My Bathroom-#AKWriting Challenge

I’ve been sorely irresponsible when it comes to this challenge, and I could make a million excuses but I won’t. Instead I’ll just jump in when I can and since I love potty humor, I figured this would be an excellent place to begin.

My bathroom is not my favorite room in the house! 

We’ve been looking at houses for about three years because our bathroom and our kitchen are often the source of much profanity in our house as our boys are on the cusp of becoming much bigger teenage, adult-sized people. Our master bathroom is the size of a closet, and even though we have two and a half baths, I would kill for a Jack and Jill sink and a beautiful big bathroom with a huge bathtub that had jets and room to read in. I would seriously never leave my house.

The trade off is that we love our home, our land, and our privacy. Even though the bathroom and kitchen is small, we STILL love our home. If we could move our home and yard, blow off the back of our house to make the kitchen and bathrooms bigger, it would be a complete win for all involved!

That’s my potty story and I’m sticking to it! 

Life, Books, Writing 

Okay … 

(Deep breath)

I’m diving in. For real this time!

Every month I tell myself that I’m going to get better with my blog for a number of reasons. Mostly I know that I need to for the practice,  to create a more consistent schedule in my writing, and because I need to create a better flow for the random words that are often tumbling out of my brain, with no rhyme or reason.  

I started my blog a couple of years ago but I’ve always struggled to keep up with it regularly. I tell myself that, like exercising, it’s due to time constraints, but it’s really about commitment. My blog has been like that old boyfriend you can’t quite stay away from, but don’t ever completely say ‘yes’ to. 

(Yeah, you know the one.) 😉

Just as I was about to recommit to my blog, once again, this beautiful blog challenge presented itself. Since I’ve never been one to resist a challenge, I’m taking it and am going to post every Friday, then reblog it on Monday for anyone who missed it. If this works, I’ll be in blog heaven for the remainder of 2016, which is super-exciting.

Next week is the first week where I get to write about My Writing Room which should be interesting because I don’t really have one … but I’m going to write about it anyway. 

Can I do this thing? I guess you’ll have to stay tuned!