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White Flag


When do you give up?

What is your breaking point in life? How do you know when enough is enough and that its time to say that you’ve  done all you can do but you can’t do it any longer?

Does anyone ever know? Is it when you’ve almost lost everything? Is it when someone else tells you that it’s enough?

Life is funny this way because there is never a clear answer and isn’t it different for all of us?  This journey that we’re on doesn’t come with a guidebook or a set of rules. We make them up as we go and often we’re just flying by the seat of our pants. As much as we might want to believe that we are governed and guided by the same principles in life, aren’t they different for everyone? Who gets to decide when we’ve reached our potential? Who gets to say that we will never go any further than where we are, right now? When do we face reality? When do we face our mortality? When do we raise the white flag and say that this isn’t working any longer, and that its time to give up on our dreams?

Who gets to say when we’re too old to try and that we’ve reached our full potential in life?

Are the people who tell us that we’ve done enough and that we should give up our friends or our foes? Or  are the people who are feeding our empty dreams and the belief that we can reach deeper and go farther, the real enemy? Are we sabotaging ourselves by continuing to believe in our purpose?

How do you ever know? Are we foolish and stubborn not to listen, or do we follow our hearts, and pray that we aren’t wrong?

When do we give up on it all and face reality? When do we stop believing?

Does anyone know?



Blog Challenge-Day 23 My Dream Job

My Dream Job…

That’s a tough one.

When I was about 8, I was on TV and they asked me what I wanted to be. My answer, earnest and sincere, was that I wanted to be an astronomer. Now,I’ll admit… I was pandering to the cameras. I was answering in response to a News story about my school’s gigantic IMAX Dome where they showed movies about going into space. In reality, I’m just not smart enough to be an astronomer, and I’m sure I knew that even then.

I’ve wanted to be an actress, a singer, a teacher, and a journalist. I think I even wanted to be a bus driver at some point. I definitely wanted to be one of Charlie’s Angels.

I always knew that I wanted to be a writer, even when I didn’t know. I was always drawn to The Story, whether in reality or fantasy. Good or bad. And I have usually liked people, and liked being of service to them, which is why I fit so well in the service industry.

In reality, I really love my life, and love my job. I get to work with amazing, funny, smart people every day. I’m not stuck in an office cubicle, I get to use my brain, fix problems, and teach and develop people, which I’ve also always loved. I’m also a boss, which fits in my nature because I’m naturally bossy (ask anyone whose known me since I was five). So aside from going into space, I’ve gotten to use a lot of my talents for good. I even got to write a book, and have now finished my second book.

I may not have dreamed of the job that I have, but I am fortunate that I love the job that I have and the life that I have. I not going to lie, I would still love to be one of Charlie’s Angels, but I think that ship has sailed.