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Blog Challenge Day 12-What in my fridge?

What’s inside my fridge?

Hmmmm….There is A LOT of stuff in there. There are a lot of condiments, jellies, mustards, stuff like that. Fruit, vegetables, yogurt, milk, juice, and wine. Of course wine. Our fridge in our kitchen is small, so we have another one that hold all of our water, pop, beer, back up milk etc. Our fridge usually has a lot of leftovers in it as well. Right now, there is leftover fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and bbq’d ribs, YUM. But as most people, I suspect that our challenge is not to waste. So we try our best to use everything that we have and not throw too much out. Sometimes we do this well and sometimes we don’t.

So that’s it. My fridge is pretty boring. My freezer on the other hand….