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Blog Challenge-Day 23 My Dream Job

My Dream Job…

That’s a tough one.

When I was about 8, I was on TV and they asked me what I wanted to be. My answer, earnest and sincere, was that I wanted to be an astronomer. Now,I’ll admit… I was pandering to the cameras. I was answering in response to a News story about my school’s gigantic IMAX Dome where they showed movies about going into space. In reality, I’m just not smart enough to be an astronomer, and I’m sure I knew that even then.

I’ve wanted to be an actress, a singer, a teacher, and a journalist. I think I even wanted to be a bus driver at some point. I definitely wanted to be one of Charlie’s Angels.

I always knew that I wanted to be a writer, even when I didn’t know. I was always drawn to The Story, whether in reality or fantasy. Good or bad. And I have usually liked people, and liked being of service to them, which is why I fit so well in the service industry.

In reality, I really love my life, and love my job. I get to work with amazing, funny, smart people every day. I’m not stuck in an office cubicle, I get to use my brain, fix problems, and teach and develop people, which I’ve also always loved. I’m also a boss, which fits in my nature because I’m naturally bossy (ask anyone whose known me since I was five). So aside from going into space, I’ve gotten to use a lot of my talents for good. I even got to write a book, and have now finished my second book.

I may not have dreamed of the job that I have, but I am fortunate that I love the job that I have and the life that I have. I not going to lie, I would still love to be one of Charlie’s Angels, but I think that ship has sailed.