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Blog Challenge-Day 28 What I’m looking forward to…

We are always looking forward to various events or milestones in our lives. We can’t wait until we have the perfect job, the perfect love, or are happy, or rich, or married, or have kids etc. We are so busy looking forward to moments in our life that we often bypass the moments that are right in front of us.

I’ve often heard that Happiness isn’t a place we get to live in, just a place we get to visit. But through some painful moments in my life, I’ve learned that happiness is a place in our own mind. If we pause to see where we really are, instead of where we think we want to be, we may realize that happiness is directly in front of us. Happiness and contentment are there every day in the simplest of moments.

Yesterday I met a teenage boy, Patrick, with Downs Syndrome. When I met him, I smiled and he smiled back at me. Then much to my surprise he blew me a barrage of kisses. In that one moment, my heart exploded with pure happiness. A sweet boy who was living in his moment, was blowing kisses at me. I don’t know how I could have been anything but happy. Patrick’s gesture was meant to be innocent, sweet, and beautiful, with a touch of mischieviousness~and it was all of that and more.

I’m so happy that I didn’t miss it.

I’ve learned that I can look forward to the most insignificant moments every day. Whether it’s grocery shopping or cooking breakfast with one or both of my sons, cuddling with my family (2 boys, 2 adults, 2 dogs) on our regular Queen size bed, or peace and quiet in my car on the way home from work. If I pay close enough attention~I won’t miss those moments. I try to keep myself open to the moments that take me by surprise, that catch me off guard, and take my breath away.

So I look forward to the tiny moments. And I am so truly thankful for them, so much that I don’t need too much more.

Blog challenge Day 14- If I won the lottery

What would I do if I won the lottery??

I’ve thought about this a number of times. I’m not a big gambler but I have bought a few lottery tickets in my life. It’s funny, but when I buy them, I don’t check them for days. I guess I figure that as long as I don’t know that I haven’t won, that I could still be a winner. I guess it’s about holding on to Hope.

I know that I would do the usual…pay off the house, pay off the cars, pay off the bills..etc. I would travel…and I would take as many people with me-family and friends. I would travel everywhere I could and see as much of the world as I could. I would write and I would relax and I would clear my mind of all of the clutter.

Then I would teach my children about the beauty and power of giving and working hard. I would write (which is work) and we would volunteer so that we could all stay grounded and remain thankful for our good fortune. And when they are old enough to work, they will work so that can understand what life is really about.

Having financial freedom would be amazing. But I worry that with that freedom comes disillusionment. I would do everything I could to remain grounded and giving, taking care of the people that I love, who have loved me.

Oh, and I would buy the most awesome pair of Louboutins that I could find 😊