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30 Day Writing Challenge-Three Peeves

Peeves … we’ve all got’em and I doubt that mine will be any different than anyone else’s. I’ve found that mine have changed quite a bit over the years. As I get older I have less of them as I mellow out in my old age and gain perspective on what’s important in life. So here are my top three, not necessarily in order. 

  1. Negativity. I have a hard time with people who dwell on, point out, and live in negativity. I’m all for a good rant every now and and again, but bitching just to bitch really grates on my nerves. I’m a big fan of finding a solution if there’s a problem. I’m also a big fan of finding the good and letting go of the bad, whether it’s situations, things, or people. Surrounding yourself with negative people and behavior only breeds and encourages more negativity. People who complain and spread negativity make me feel stabby!
  2. Mean people. People who enjoy being mean to others because they think they can, completely baffle me. It takes a lot of energy to be mean and not as much to be kind, so I don’t get it. Everyone can probably dig for reasons into their childhood or present life that could give them an excuse to be mean. We’ve all got our demons to fight so there’s no excuse for jerkiness. It’s simple-don’t be an A-hole.
  3. Political correctness. We take ourselves waaaaaaay too seriously. We’re worried to say, laugh at, or write the wrong thing for fear that we’ll offend someone. Offending someone has become almost as bad as killing someone these days. Even worse, we can no longer even laugh at ourselves or have a sense of humor about the world, because everything seems to be the end of it. Common sense is no longer the rule, it’s the exception, and people are no longer allowed to think for themselves. If we pray, salute the flag, or wish someone a Merry Christmas, we have to worry if we’ll offend someone. As an Asian-American female in her forties believe me when I tell you that I’ve seen both sides of being PC, and that the world needs to relax and find its sense of humor and pride again. Oy, people. Give it a rest!

So, go and give someone a hug, tell them they look nice, and have a blessed day.