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Day 29 Line by Line

I’m just like everyone else… Busy. Full time wife, mom, career woman, part time author, daughter, dogs, blog and the list goes on.

People often ask me how I find time to write. The answer-always and never. I’m always writing in my mind, narrating, or creating. But getting it out and down is a lot more difficult. Sitting down and writing for hours isn’t often a luxury I get. I crave it and often need it, but as with many things I have to schedule it.

In order to harness my creativity in the meantime, I just write a line at a time. I write at red lights, waiting in the doctors office, in the car line at the kids school, in the drive thru at McDonalds, and basically wherever I can seek out a few moments. It can be frustrating when I can’t write a story as quickly as I would like to. But that’s just my life so I accept it because I’m happy that I get to do it at all.

I’ve told stories in my mind ever since I can remember, narrating life as I see it. Now I just try to capture it moment by moment, line by line, breathing life into an idea until it becomes a story. Stepping away from the story and revisiting it in snippets gives me a different perspective. As frustrating as it can be to write that way, I don’t mind.

As with a lot of things in life, writing just takes patience and time.

Line by line.

Blog Challenge Day 15-Timeline of my day

Every day is a new day for me.  A different day. 

I don’t have a job with set hours, so I’m off during the week sometimes and sometimes I work really late. 

But here is a general timeline for my crazy life…

5:30 am-hit snooze and try not to piss off my husband.  My intent is to work out, but then I hit snooze or just set the alarm for 6:00 am.

6:00 am-hit snooze again, try to sleep for ten more minutes after I sleepily check every virtual method of communication possible (email, facebook, twitter, facebook author page, blog page etc).


6:30-7:30  Wake up the Hubby.  Wake up the kids.  Get everyone up, coffee made, dogs outside, breakfast made, everyone out the door.

7:40 Kids dropped off for the day

8:00 Heading to work. 

8:30 Talk to people, work all day, do all of my grown up job things. 

6:30-7 Home, Dinner, Clean up, hang out with the family, sometimes I get to write while I’m hanging out with them, or blog, or edit, or make notes. 

9:30 Kids go to bed (summertime), chill with the hubby

10:30-11:00 Write until my head hits the keyboard and wakes me up or I wake myself up because I have a huge crick  in my neck from falling asleep sitting up..

There are times that my day consists of actually getting to work out, cooking, cleaning, playing baseball, watching baseball, writing, reading, and if I’m really lucky~Grocery shopping 🙂 

Throughout the day, my brain is always moving and I feel like I’m always engaged in life, sometimes too engaged. Sometimes I have to just give life a rest and so I drive home in complete silence just to be able to detox from the craziness of my mind and of Life. It may seem like my days are pretty boring, but I love it, and I’m happy that I get to live my life.  There have been days days that it wasn’t quite so easy, so I am thankful that despite the craziness, it’s pretty low risk, but high reward.  ❤



Busy Life

I started working out…again.

One of my Facebook friends Rick, asked me if I ever slept-between family, busy career, writing, and now working out. I juggle a lot, always have. We all do.

And it’s difficult. So many people say they wish there were more hours in the day. But if there were, we would just fill them up too. Time is precious and short, and all of those other cliches we hear. Rarely do I ever have any down time, even when I really I need it!!! But I still get a lot done somehow.

I’ve learned a lot about time management and goal setting in my grown up job. And even though I don’t have time for EVERYTHING, I feel that my full life is worthwhile. I feel like I am experiencing the moments as I’m supposed to…not just like I hope to.

I do a few small things…

1. Plan Ahead when possible
2. Set small goals
3. Set realistic goals
4. Let go of the things I don’t need
5. Live in the moment

I don’t claim to be an expert in the matter. I have plenty of days where I am frustrated with myself and feel as though I am lacking in more than one, if not all of the roles in my life. But I give myself permission to fail, and then I get up the next day and start all over. I’ve forgotten pajama day at school, missed deadlines, and gone weeks without writing one line. But I tell myself it’s okay.

My children are happy, my relationships continue to grow, and I contribute to the world the way that I was meant to. The small goals get accomplished, and before I know it, I’ve finished a novel and knocked something off my my bucket list!

At the end of the day, I am fulfilled. And I am thankful for the grind, the responsibility, and the Purpose that I have in my life. I wouldn’t change anything ❤