Archive | May 2013

Getting inside Jen’s mind

I recently self-published my first novel on, “Leaving Eva.” It’s a story that’s been bubbling inside of me for years, and one day I finally starting clicking away at the keyboard. Suddenly Eva came out.

I’ve always been pretty private about myself, about my life, for most of my life. Self publishing was a big step for me in joining this very voyeuristic world that we live in, and I was uncomfortable at first. I’m a pretty social person, working very closely with people every day, in my grown up job. But private about myself and about my thoughts. Writing a novel meant that I had to bare a little bit of my soul to the world, terrifying to say the least.

So a blog seems pretty ironic to me.

But I decided to start one as a way to connect. As a way to improve my writing and drive my passion. I’m realizing that by being so closed off most of my adult life that I’ve been missing out on a lot. ‘

So I wrote this book. It’s not a romantic comedy, or a sexy thriller or a love story. It’s ugly, and sad, and downright depressing at times. It’s about loss, and love, and being lost in your fear and in your own mind. I wrote it because I needed to and because it just came out as easily as breathing, sometimes. I wrote it because I was abandoned as a child at the same age as the main character and I needed to exorcise some demons.

I don’t know who will follow this blog. It’s just about me and my thoughts about life, about family, about writing, and about anything I can think of to write about. Writing has always been a passion, a salvation, and a way to lose myself in order to keep myself sane.

Welcome to my blog. I hope you will visit often and lend me your feedback and your comments whenever you feel inspired to do so!